Now with 2 locations open in Fort Collins, Colorado!

223 Linden St. and 1801 S. College Ave.

Roots and Leaves Kava & Teas is dedicated to providing a unique type of tea bar for people who want to gather and socialize without focusing on alcohol consumption. We will serve kava, a traditional drink from Polynesia that has been enjoyed for millennia and produces a mild relaxed state, as well as kombucha and an assortment of herbal teas. Our inviting space will encourage relaxing, socializing, eclectic entertainment and community building.

As an alternative to bars that serve alcohol, Roots and Leaves Kava & Teas will appeal to people who are health conscious, want a sober lifestyle, appreciate the benefits of traditional herbal drinks, and are interested in creating new community.


The term refers to both the plant that grows on islands in the South Pacific and the relaxing beverage made from dried or fresh roots of the plant. The plant has been harvested by the inhabitants of Oceania for 3,000 years. Click the button below for more information.

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