Our Approach

Roots and Leaves Kava & Teas is not just another bar. It’s a completely unique space that offers individuals bio-active herbal drinks at the same time it offers a new type of community. The kava community embraces both individual expression and social connection in a world of increasing conformity and social disconnection. We might call kava a social lubricant as it encourages socializing and thus helps bring people together. Roots and Leaves Kava & Teas also educates our customers about herbal elixirs’ array of benefits, from energizing antioxidants to strains that help with anxiety, sleep quality and pain relief. We are committed to an ethical business model that is fair to everyone we do business with, including our suppliers from Polynesia.



Our Kava is distributed by Sonder Unlimited.
We carry Wild & Free Fermented Tea, for more information on what they offer.
We are affiliated with Tribe Vitamins, for more information on what they offer.
Our Cacao is supplied by Che’il Mayan Chocolate.